July 2020

Blog post by study manager, Bethan Pell:

'Visual Timeline Interviews Over The Telephone: Findings From The STAR Family Study', 8th July 2020, Cardiff University Centre for Trials Research webpages

October 2017

We've had a busy few months gathering information from women, health professionals and other stakeholders on the information and support that's available to women with autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

At the moment, we are looking at the information we gathered in the survey and interviews in more detail so that we can get a full picture of the challenges women face and the support that they would like with starting (or enlarging) a family.

We will write a full report on what we’ve found and will upload more information a little later in the year. We’ll also be looking to publish the findings in academic journals, and to share these findings with health professionals and policy makers so that we can get things moving forward. We are also starting to plan new projects.

January 2017

We have had a fantastic response to our on-line survey, thank you to all women who have participated. Our interviews with women who have an autoimmune rheumatic disease and healthcare professionals are now under way!

We have our stakeholder event coming up on the 25th of January! The event will bring together women with autoimmune rheumatic disease, healthcare professionals and researchers to discuss experiences and to help identify any unmet needs. We still have a few spaces available for women who would like to take part. Please see our "Event" page for further information.

December 2016

So far, 99 women with a range of autoimmune rheumatic diseases have completed our online survey. Recruitment will continue until the end of January 2017. Very interesting data coming through, so we're looking forward to sharing our findings in 2017! 

We'll be carrying out narrative qualitative interviews with health professionals and women with autoimmune rheumatic diseases in January/February 2017, using novel participatory visual methods to find out more about women's journeys to parenthood.

We also have a stakeholder event in January, so if you are a health professional, researcher, patient or carer with an interest in this area please register at:

Hope you enjoy the holidays! With best wishes, 

The STAR Family Study Team

16th November 2016

Our survey is now live!  Please click here for further information!


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